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Vegan Gourmet Food

Nature has been very kind to Mexico and together with its multiple regional cultures, its people has developed a rich variety of tasty foods.

As an immigrant Mexican family, it became our mission to bring part of this richness to Canada, our new home. That is how Alimexi was conceived. With the notion of bringing family together over real and authentic Mexican food freshly made, using premium local ingredients.

Following artisanal processes and recipes to transform selected local ingredients, we proudly offer the very best plant-based gourmet food inspired in Mexico heritage.
Organic Tortillas
Traditional Tortillas
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Check out our favourite dishes from our recipes 

Fish Tacos 

Tilla' Tortilla Classic
Alimexi Beans

Salsa KiGourmet


Tilla' Tortilla Chipotle

Alimexi Beans

Salsa KiGourmet

Organic Vegan Wrap

Tilla' Wrap Bio Spelt

Buñuelos with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cherries

Tilla' Buñuelos

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